Classification Talk

Although Wendy is a new Rotarian, she is not new to Rotary. Her husband Scott was a Rotarian, and she participated with him on many Rotary activities. Wendy indicated that she has been a Heifer Volunteer for years, and she and Scott would alternate events to accommodate both organizations.

Wendy has been very active in the eradication of Polio project (see picture above right from her 2006 trip to India).  She points out that it is a constant battle in some areas of the world due to poverty and, of all things, diarrhea. The polio vaccine is eliminated from the body when the individual has diarrhea, and this reduces the efficacy of the vaccine.

By her own admission, Wendy is a traveler. Recently, she has been to the West Coast of Africa, and has visited with clubs of different organizations involved in many projects, including clean water, school construction and general education, to mention a few.

Wendy was born and raised in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and says “it’s a great place to grow up.”  She met Scott in the tenth grade and sat behind him in class, but unfortunately, she could not see the blackboard because Scott was so tall. Wendy married Scott when she was in her junior year at Northwestern University.

Wendy became a teacher and taught until she and Scott had children— three of them, all boys. Two of her sons live in Arlington Heights, with the other living in Iowa. Wendy has eight grandchildren.

In closing, Wendy professed her love of travel which began at age 16 and has continued throughout her life. She spent time in France for part of her education, and has been involved in bicycling in many places throughout the world.